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The Integral Fast Reactor
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The technology that could end global warming in the near term - a meltdown-proof fission reactor technology that burns 99.5% of its fuel (current models burn 0.7-1.3% of their fuel), practically eliminating the fission waste issue as an obstacle for using fission technology. Killed by the Clinton administration early in the first term, three years from its completion date. This project needs to be restarted and completed if there's going to be a clean solution to the global warming problem in the next two to five decades. China has expressed interest in this technology but the reality seems to be that only the United States has the facilities and scientists necessary to accomplish the task. The Integral Fast Reactor also has the desirable property of being able to burn the existing stockpiles of nuclear waste, reducing the Yucca Mountain problem by two orders of magnitude.
Fusion Power The end-game technology that can produce limitless clean power, in the latter half of the current century. This technology would recreate the engine of the Sun here on Earth and run on heavy water - produced by filtering sea water. There's still a great deal of research and engineering to be done to perfect the technollogy and predictions have always assumed adequate funding, so they've always been wrong. At current funding rates, this technology can't be expected to be ready for production in the first half of this century.
Pebble Bed Reactor An interesting compromise, the Pebble Bed Reactor is meltdown-proof and available today. It does not improve on the fuel efficiency of existing reactors, but the fuel is self-contained in graphite pebbles which are safer and easier to handle than conventional forms of waste, and may be appropriate for direct geological disposal. Even better, the waste from the Pebble Bed Reactor can be burned in an Integral Fast Reactor when available. Due to the safety characteristics of a PBR, a power plant built on its principles can be much smaller and less expensive to build and operate than conventional reactors.

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